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Golden Goose Sneakers Sale Yeast infection is a fungal infection which is medically termed as candidiasis. It is most commonly found in the vagina. Yeast infection causes severe irritation around the vagina which at times gets very fatal. Its not only women but men can also get this disease and develop yeast infection within them. They can get transmitted to men by the means of sexual intercourse. It is seen that 3 out of 4 women are affected by yeast infection. And also that in a way or other majority of women are at least once infected by yeast infection in their life time. However, yeast infection in most of the women do not cause serious problem and go silently.

There are many reasons that causes and spreads yeast infection but the prime cause is the sexual intercourse and the main blame is to point to unprotected sex. Candida is caused by sexual intercourse and is very easily transmitted from one partner to another. Unprotected sex is the main reason for the spread of yeast infection. The very flourishing places for yeast infection to grow is moist and warm places of our body like vagina, rectum and mouth. The irony is remedy of one thing begin as a cause of another. It'll be shocking to know that the use of condoms that contains lubricant known as nonoxynol-9, that kills the HIV virus is another main cause of yeast infection.

Golden Goose Superstar There are certain foods that contain certain yeasts that strengthen the yeast infection. So it is also suggested to consult your doctor for better diet when you are under the attack of yeast infection. Certain foods might just help them flourish and worsen your condition. Change in hormones can also be taken as another major cause for the yeast infection. It can also pop up its head when the person's immune structure is imbalanced. Many women also have complaints that they are suffered by yeast infection when they take in some antibiotics. Very tight clothing can also lead to the formation of yeast infection. It is suggested to women not to use very tight underwear, specially to the ones who've already been suffered by yeast infection and these are recurring disease.




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