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3.Meeting Gayle King and having her like my food was a total 锟斤拷pinch me锟斤拷 moment. I have followed her for so long, and adore her ability to share her real self with people every day.I was super excited when she met with me and my colleagues and sampled some recipes from my new book with her O Magazine team. Shortly after the meeting was over, she reached out to me personally to tell Golden Goose Mid Star Sneakers me that she loved my kale salad.

THEATHLETIC SNEAKERMix and match. If your sneakers are neon, why not amplify the fun with an animal print? Go bold or go home! However, be careful not to overdo thewild ideas. For example, though the leopard print above is indeedeye-catching,the black-and-whitecolor palette and looser fit of the shift dress helpneutralize both the shoes and the print.Dress it up.

Designing, styling, being a wife, and taking care of your adorable pup Benzel锟斤拷it seems like you're such a busy gal! How do you find the time to update your blog Wide Eyed Legless and the Hackwith Design House blog, Hackwith Happenings?I'm such an extrovert, so I really haven't learned how to balance all of this! I would rather spend time with my husband and friends, so my personal blog is always last on the list. I'm recently learning how to use the alone time I do have to be productive. For example, I take the train into work everyday Golden Goose Sale and try to use that half-hour to catch up on everything.How did you find your current place and what drew you to it? Do you rent or own it?Minneapolis is full of so many beautiful old homes, but when we moved back we weren't ready to not live in the heart of the city, so we looked for lofts in downtown St.

What are your favorite elements of the new office?We have two walls that are key to our creative environment. One gallery wall that constantly changes and also incorporates our mood board, and a dark charcoal wall that grounds all the white in the decor and provides a fantastic backdrop for impromptu shoots. I also love our DIY pottery cluster.

The real encouragement to apply came from my Dad. In the early 80锟斤拷s, he took some time off at university and started working for a company called "Your Man Tours." He worked as a tour driver/guide (I don锟斤拷t know how he did both!) throughout California. That is actually how he met my Mom (she was a passenger on vacation from Wisconsin).

Name:Katie del CastilloAge:27Location: Arlington, Virginia /Washington D.C.Current title/company:Human Resources Officer, Captain, U.S. Army // blogger behind Life with a Dash of WhimsyEducational background:Human Geography, United States Military Academy at West PointYou锟斤拷re a Captain in the U.S. Army, but your true passion is interior design. 




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